Association of
GCCS Professionals1

Do you work with some flavor of GCCS?


Do you work with GCCS/COP/I3/IWS every day?

Are you a Branch/Division Manger, COP/INTEL Manager, Developer, Engineer, System Administrator, Instructor, or in some other way directly involved in using or supporting GCCS? Are you in in the military? Government employee? Contractor?

Would you like to connect with other GCCS Professionals?

Meet? Teach? Brag? Network? Socialize? User Forums?

Let's Talk!

At the November 2007 CENTCOM GCCS Engineering conference in Tampa, Andy gave a presentation about the importance of joining professional organizations. He closed with this challenge:
Do we want a professional organization of ourselves for ourselves?

Email Mailing List

There are a several ways to have this discussion net-centric-ly (word-play intended), and email is the solution offered here.  One problem with a newsgroup is remembering to visit it. It is so easy to get out of the habit of visiting, especially when nothing is posted in several days. I have not set up a newsgroup.

Remember, the initial discussions will be about people connecting with people.  This is not intended to be a technical forum for specific problems.  Perhaps one day someone will open companion mailing lists on the SIPRNet to host technical and in-depth conversations - but not here.

Mailing Lists
  • You know your direct audience is limited to subscribers.  (The list of subscribers will not be published on the Internet.)
  • All three lists are opt-in.  That means you have to sign up, and then reply to the email that is sent to you to confirm that you really want to join.  (Look for the email - it will arrive within a few minutes.)
  • You use your regular email software, and messages are sent directly to your in box.
  • You can create filters for the gccs-j messages.
  • A Daily Digest is available. Every day about noon, all the messages from the previous 24 hours are rolled up into one composite message, then sent to digest subscribers. You can switch between digest messages and individual messages at any time.
    I suggest you start with individual messages.
  • List archives are available only to subscribers.
Announcements List/Forum

Everyone should sign up for for the Announcements  list.
This is the minimum participation. It is intended for only announcements - topics that do not require any discussion.
When someone clicks on "Reply" to a message, the answer will go back to the person who posted the message.
Discussion List/Forum

Everyone should sign up for the Discussion  list, at least to start. If the discussions create too much email, then you can switch to the digest mode.  If the discussions seem too far outside your lane, then you can unsubscribe.
When someone clicks on "Reply" to a message, their answer will go back to entire mailing list.
Chat List/Forum

This list is for off-topic chit-chat. Everyone once in a while a thread will move away from GCCS.  Instead of just shutting down the discussion, we'll ask you to move it to this list.
When someone clicks on "Reply" to a message, their answer will go back to entire mailing list.
Which List?

Here is one example to illustrate how these lists are intended to work together:
Announcements: Next GCCS Conference is at....
Discussion: Does anyone want to set up a time and place for a talk about GCCS professionals?  What should be on the agenda?  Should we have an agenda?
Chat: What are some of the tourist attractions that we should see in the area?

1The Association of GCCS Professionals does not exist. Yet. But it can! You can be a part of it from the beginning.

Google GCCS on the web.
See what DISA and others have already put out on the Internet.

      Rick registered and privately paid for these domains:
  • gccs-j.org
  • gccs-j.com
  • geeks-j.org
  • geeks-j.org
    Rick is also providing the gccs-j server space
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Here is a link to Andy's GCCS Jobs  web page...
        (Apologies to Andy from me for shamelessly using his disclaimer as a basis for here. Made sense.)
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